Do You Qualify

Do you have what it takes.... Are you a "Prospect"?

New York X are looking for the nation's TOP student-athletes. This Year we are looking for the top 2021, 2022, 2023 grads to compete both locally and Nationally.

! Are you a class of 2021, 2022 or 2023? New York X will be providing a first class showcase opportunity for these Graduating classes. Teams will balance a top tier local schedule with an abundance of high profile events for professional scouts and collegiate coaches. In addition, we will insure quallified players will have an opportunity to play at the Area Code Game or East Coast Pro. These tryouts are for players submitted by Porfessional scouts and take place in the late June timeframe.

With our professional coaching staff, ultra-competitive scheduling, nationally recognized tournament play, and exposure to the collegiate and professional scouting communities, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!!!

If you have what it takes to play for New York X (you can be from anywhere in the US or Canada), contact us at Roster space is limited and tryout opportunities will be available through participation in our Fall Program and Winter Workouts as well as coaching and scouting references. You are invited to fill our our inquiry form with you information.

Be sure to include ALL relevant baseball information in your email, your national ranking (if applicable), or scouts/recruiters who have seen you play, plus any Perfect Game or National Showcase Events you've attended.

This is the most crucial point in a young player's development. Let our pro-level mentors help you realize your true potential, maximize your exposure and shine on the big stage.


New York X QUIZ

1) Do you have the QUALITY OF INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER to compete at the highest level?

2) Do you have the TALENT and ATHLETIC ABILITY to compete against the nation's best?

3) Do you have the VISION of great baseball in your future? 4) Do you have the COMMITMENT and WORK ETHIC to make that vision a reality?

If you answered YES to the above questions, New York X is the place for you!!


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