Travel General

All persons in the traveling party must arrive at the airport 2 hours before scheduled departure time. This is for group check-in and group luggage tag procedure. Players, coaches and team personnel are limited to two item for check-in. and one carryon.  We suggest you check your Next Level Travel Baseball Bag and load it with player gear using second bag personal items taking a back pack with balance of personal items as carry-on.  Charges for additional bags checked will be the responsibility of the player.
All players and coaches will travel in their Next Level polo and long pants (preferably khaki).  Pants will be worn at the WAIST.
The team curfew will be strictly adhered to, never to exceed 12 midnight. The curfew will vary, depending on the game time of the next day’s first game.
The use of Alcohol or Drugs is strictly prohibited.
Non Team personel accept parents will not be allowed in any players room for any reason.
If you leave the hotel with parents or otherwise, a coach must be contacted and informed as to where you are going, with whom and when you will return.
All team laundry must be turned in daily to the designated coach no later than 30 minutes after arriving back at the hotel at the conclusion of each game. When you awake in the morning, your laundry will be outside the coach’s hotel room door. All team laundry must be clearly marked with your uniform number on the label of each item. Laundering of underwear and personal clothing is the responsibility of the player.
When departing our hotels on the road, all players, coaches and team personnel must have their luggage (both personal luggage and team luggage) loaded into the team cargo vehicle no later than 30 minutes before the teams scheduled departure time from the hotel.
Any player, coach or team personnel member that violates any of the above rules and policies will be sent home immediately (at your expense, not the teams) and suspended or dismissed from the team at the Head Coach’s discretion.

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